Practice, practice, practice

Hello Everyone!  I have been very busy these past couple of weeks with end of the school year activities, jury duty, projects around the house and a trip to Maine, just to name a few.  But, I wanted to share one of the projects I completed last weekend.

In preparation for my upcoming kitchen project, I wanted to practice using a paint sprayer on something other than my kitchen cabinets.  Did I mention before that I plan to paint my cabinets myself?  Well, now you know!  So, I decided I would practice on Gavin’s dresser and night stands.  When I started this project I was thinking, “How hard can this be, really?  All I need is a little time and patience!  I’ve totally got this!”  All I have to say now is Hmmph!

Here is what Gavin’s night stand and dresser looked like before…



In preparation for painting I read many, many, many tutorials, blogs and online articles.  In general I followed the advice I found on Young House Love, a favorite blog of mine.

I used Jasco Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser (found at Lowes) on all the surfaces.


Then I filled all the holes from the drawer pulls with wood putty and sanded everything.


After I wiped down all the surfaces with a cloth I sprayed the dresser and night stand frames and drawers with the first coat of paint.  I used Benjamin Moore Advance paint in White Dove.  The folks at the paint store assured me that with this paint I did not need a primer, so I skipped that step.


After I gave the first coat ample time to dry, I sprayed the second coat.  I did NOT do a great job.  Wah, wah, wah.  I had drips on the sides of the dresser and night stands and most of the drawers had thousands of tiny air bubbles that dried into the surface.  So, after that coat dried, I used a fine grit sandpaper, sanded everything and applied a third coat.  Although I avoided drips this time, I still had tiny air bubbles on most of the surfaces.  I again repeated the sanding and painting process without much success.  By this point I had run out of paint and I was pretty frustrated.  This was not how this was supposed to go…I was SO sure that I had an inner professional painter gene just waiting to be unleashed!  I guess I have some more practicing to do.  Oh, and there was this…


I’m still trying to get the paint off my feet!

So, after running out of paint and patience I decided to call this project done.  It is NOT perfect, but it’s good enough…for now.  That inner perfectionist is screaming some pretty choice words right now!  But, here’s the finished product….

IMG_1658 copy-2

IMG_1657 copy-2

IMG_1652 copy-2

So, In the next few weeks I plan to practice some more on other things in my house.  Although Gavin’s dresser is good enough, it is not good enough (in my opinion) for the kitchen cabinets.  I am going to try priming my next project first to see if that makes a difference.  I think I’ll also try adjusting the pressure setting on my sprayer and maybe thinning the paint a little.  Hopefully I get this dialed in so I can attack the kitchen.  I’ll keep you updated!



4 thoughts on “Practice, practice, practice

  1. Hi Wendy! Looks great…your so talented!! They have such great products out there now, as far as paint goes. I just got through doing 2 antique pieces myself, but did a distressed, copper look. Its so much fun!! Love your blog..your so the painted feet…nice effect..haha!! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Hi Cindy! It’s great to hear from you! Thanks so much! I’d love to see your projects…share a picture with us!

      1. Hi Wendy, you remind me of myself….I’m always finding little crafts, things to paint, sew, etc. Took some pics of the 2 pcs. I did. I bought this turquoise paint and painted the outside sconces that color. (In New Mexico the color turquoise means welcome). Added some color to the outside. I also painted the rims of the flower pots that same color. I think I got carried away..haha.
        I also used it to paint these 2 pcs., but did them with a distressed paint/wax over it. Looks better in person then in the pics. I have them in 2 different rooms so they are not together. How do I attach a pic?

        1. I’m not exactly sure how to attach a pic…could you copy and paste it into the response? They sound great and I love turquoise! I didn’t know it meant “welcome”! I love that!

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