My First Post!



OK.  Take a deep breath.  I did it!  I’ve started a blog!  Now what?  Well,  I guess I need to start writing!

So, here’s my story.  I am a 40 something stay at home mom who has always been passionate about home decorating.  I pour through magazines, watch all the home improvement shows and I’m a frequent stalker of home blogs.  So, my house must be beautiful, right?  HA!  Not quite!

You see, I am a messy person and a bit of a perfectionist…a strange dichotomy, I know!  I have never known how to organize and keep my house clean for long.  The perfectionist in me wants, well, perfection!  But, if I have 10 minutes to spare I don’t use it to start cleaning up because the job won’t get done completely.  And, I’m never exactly sure what needs to be done.  So, I decide to do nothing.

When it comes to decorating I have three obstacles.  The first is I am afraid to fail.  I am so afraid that I won’t make the right choice about furniture, accessories, etc. that I become paralyzed by that fear.  So, I decide to do nothing.   The second obstacle is that I want everything done right now.  I’m not very good about being patient with the “in process” stage of decorating.  I’m a perfectionist, remember? So, rather than take baby steps toward my dream home, I decide to do nothing.  The third obstacle is that I can’t really start decorating projects when my home is so cluttered and messy.  So, I decide to do nothing.  See where I’m going with this?

Well, this year I have decided that it’s time for a change.  I am tired of dreaming about beautiful rooms and deciding to do nothing.  I am tired of strategically closing doors when friends come over for fear of them seeing my mess and hoping that they don’t need to use the bathroom because I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been cleaned since my son peed on the toilet seat!  I’m ready to stop being afraid of failure!  I’m ready to start enjoying the process of decorating and being a little more patient.  I’m ready to start making my house my dream home!

This is my journey…

PS…The perfectionist in me totally did not want to hit the “post” button on this blog.  I know it’s not perfect and I know next to nothing about website design.  But, this is the new me, right?  So, bear with me….This blog, like me, is definitely a work in progress!