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Brady’s Furniture is Done!

Hi Everyone! I am SO happy to report that Brady’s furniture is finally done! I’m not going to lie…this was a tough one and if this project had a theme song it would be “Patience” by Guns N Roses. So, go ahead and hum that song to yourself while I share the details.

First, here’s a look back at what his furniture looked like before…

I won’t bore you with a step by step tutorial.  You can Google how to paint furniture and come up with a hundred different sites explaining the various ways to paint furniture.  I will tell you that I chose to sand, prime and apply 2 coats of paint to all the furniture.  And, it was a pain in the neck…literally!  After one 8 hour painting marathon I woke up the next day unable to move my neck!  It took me a week to recover!  Who get’s injured while painting?

Here’s a look at the furniture before I sanded it…

Do you see all those slats on the bed?  Twenty four to be exact!  I had to individually sand and paint each one!  I also removed the old hardware on the dresser and nightstand drawers, filled in the holes with wood putty and drilled new holes for the new hardware.   I removed all the drawer fronts to make them easier to paint.  One cautionary note for you if you ever decide to paint furniture…make sure you label all the drawer fronts before you remove them!  I didn’t and had a heck of a time trying to figure out which drawer front belonged to which drawer.  You wouldn’t think it would make a difference, but believe me, it does!

Here is the furniture with the primer applied…

I decided to hand brush the paint onto the furniture rather than spray it with a paint sprayer for two reasons.  First, I had tried spraying my younger son’s furniture last year and had less than satisfactory results.  I kept getting little, tiny air bubbles in the finish.  I never was able to figure out what I was doing wrong and I didn’t want to repeat that with this project.  Secondly, I really didn’t want to move all of the furniture out of the room.  When you use a sprayer, paint gets EVERYWHERE!  So, I hand brushed everything.  Did I mention there are 24 slats on that bed?  It took FOREVER!

After painting the room Navy blue, I knew we were going to have to choose a light color for the furniture.  I thought we would do white, but Brady really had his heart set on a light gray, just like the New England Patriot’s helmets!  We chose Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Here’s a look at his furniture now…

I am very happy with how it all turned out!  Even though it took weeks to finish and a whole lot of patience, I think it was all worth it.  And, Brady was right…the gray is really cool!

I am so close to being done with his room!  I just have to hang some art work and shelves, replace the door knobs & hinges and replace the light fixture.  Hopefully I can get all that done in the next week.  Stay tuned!

My First Post!



OK.  Take a deep breath.  I did it!  I’ve started a blog!  Now what?  Well,  I guess I need to start writing!

So, here’s my story.  I am a 40 something stay at home mom who has always been passionate about home decorating.  I pour through magazines, watch all the home improvement shows and I’m a frequent stalker of home blogs.  So, my house must be beautiful, right?  HA!  Not quite!

You see, I am a messy person and a bit of a perfectionist…a strange dichotomy, I know!  I have never known how to organize and keep my house clean for long.  The perfectionist in me wants, well, perfection!  But, if I have 10 minutes to spare I don’t use it to start cleaning up because the job won’t get done completely.  And, I’m never exactly sure what needs to be done.  So, I decide to do nothing.

When it comes to decorating I have three obstacles.  The first is I am afraid to fail.  I am so afraid that I won’t make the right choice about furniture, accessories, etc. that I become paralyzed by that fear.  So, I decide to do nothing.   The second obstacle is that I want everything done right now.  I’m not very good about being patient with the “in process” stage of decorating.  I’m a perfectionist, remember? So, rather than take baby steps toward my dream home, I decide to do nothing.  The third obstacle is that I can’t really start decorating projects when my home is so cluttered and messy.  So, I decide to do nothing.  See where I’m going with this?

Well, this year I have decided that it’s time for a change.  I am tired of dreaming about beautiful rooms and deciding to do nothing.  I am tired of strategically closing doors when friends come over for fear of them seeing my mess and hoping that they don’t need to use the bathroom because I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been cleaned since my son peed on the toilet seat!  I’m ready to stop being afraid of failure!  I’m ready to start enjoying the process of decorating and being a little more patient.  I’m ready to start making my house my dream home!

This is my journey…

PS…The perfectionist in me totally did not want to hit the “post” button on this blog.  I know it’s not perfect and I know next to nothing about website design.  But, this is the new me, right?  So, bear with me….This blog, like me, is definitely a work in progress!